Australia Long Path on 40 meters

About a month ago I was operating, working the Pennsylvania QSO Party from the PPRAA club station at Ellicott. That was the weekend of October 15.  I had been working both SSB voice and CW (Morse Code).  It was getting late in the afternoon, and I decided to switch to 40 meters, to see if […]


This weekend I tried a new digital mode in amateur radio communications. It is called FT8. It was created by Joe Taylor, K1JT, who in professional life is an astrophysicist, and who created a number of other digital communications modes specially made for weak signals. (His JT65 mode that I already use was originally created […]

NASA On The Air

For NASA’s upcoming 60th anniversary, the NASA radio clubs were able to get together to coordinate doing many special events for a whole year.  They will start this December 2017 with the Apollo 17 anniversary, and probably end the following December 2018 with the anniversary of Apollo 8’s first manned flight around the Moon in […]

Greetings from Colorado

About 2 years have passed since I wrote here. I moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado for work around the beginning of 2016. I am often busy, but I gradually have been getting back on the air. And I continue to have interesting adventures with the radio, at least interesting to me, that I feel sharing […]

North Alabama DX Club Picnic

A week and a half ago (Saturday September 12, 2015) Patti and I went to the North Alabama DX Club annual picnic.  DX is radio short hand for long distance “dx” communications. Many of the members are experienced at DX and love what they do, and are very competent. I’ve been a member since the […]


I bought a small QRP (low power) transceiver at the Huntsville Hamfest last month. It is an LNR LD-5.  After I got it home I tried listening on 40 meters with a simple wire antenna, and verified I could hear hams chatting in the Southeast.  Then two weekends ago, I took it out in late afternoon to the […]