North Alabama DX Club Picnic

A week and a half ago (Saturday September 12, 2015) Patti and I went to the North Alabama DX Club annual picnic.  DX is radio short hand for long distance “dx” communications. Many of the members are experienced at DX and love what they do, and are very competent. I’ve been a member since the […]


I bought a small QRP (low power) transceiver at the Huntsville Hamfest last month. It is an LNR LD-5.  After I got it home I tried listening on 40 meters with a simple wire antenna, and verified I could hear hams chatting in the Southeast.  Then two weekends ago, I took it out in late afternoon to the […]

North American QSO Party – Phone

Patti and I joined Rob KB5EZ last January, on a nice Saturday afternoon, to operate portable on Monte Sano for the North American QSO Party – Phone. This was Patti’s first time operating with me.  She helped me log, and she learned some things about radios and operating, here and there.  She didn’t feel ready […]

Dressed for the party …

During the day yesterday I noticed on DXMaps QSO reports on 6 meters from Europe to Africa and South America. A Trans Equatorial Propagation opening? After work I went to the shack to check 6 meters for myself. I only heard a regular local ham on SSB. Rob KB5EZ happened to be a the shack […]

Monte Sano – “Summits on the Air” JT65 Activation, April 2014

On a nice Saturday last April, Rob KB5EZ, Kalen KK4KLT, and I WA2JQZ met at Monte Sano State Park, near Huntsville, AL. We set up and operated a portable, digital JT-65 amateur radio station for what’s called Summits on the Air (SOTA) []. This was the first time a JT-65 operation was tried on Monte […]

Museum Ships Weekend (June 7 & 8, 2014)

During the Alabama QSO Party ops on Saturday June 7th, Stephen KK4IBB and I WA2JQZ also contacted several historical ships. We were aware that weekend was Museum Ships Weekend. And although the museum ships weren’t our first priority, they caught our interest. The Museum Ships Weekend is an annual event. This year 104 museum ships […]

A Tale of Two Propagations

I stopped by the WA4NZD station Sunday evening,  I had materials to return.  And I thought I might look for the W1AW/KL7 stations in Alaska.  The club has yet to log a CW (Morse Code) QSO from Alaska.  If I didn’t find those, I might still find something else interesting. Or I could find someone to chat with […]